The Associate of Science Degree in Nursing is one way in which recent immigrants who were doctors or nurses in their home country can transition into the American medical industry quickly using skills they have already acquired from their foreign education. This a nursing program for foreign-educated doctors who want to take full advantage of their skill set and medical knowledge.
Florida Vocational Institute offers an ASN, a nursing degree for international doctors that is a fast track medical program.
The benefits of an ASN for foreign-trained doctors include:

    • Foreign doctors can continue in their field of medicine without having to reinvest countless years in medical training
    • Some previous education credits may transfer
    • Enter the US medical field with background knowledge and confidence
    • The ASN is much more affordable than enrolling in medical school
    • These programs are less intense, especially for bilingual medical professionals

The benefits of working as a nurse in the U.S.

  • Increased opportunity to find work in the U.S. than abroad
  • A career in nursing is less competitive and less stressful
  • – A high compensation and excellent working conditions in U.S. hospitals

From Doctor to Nurse

Though most consider a nursing program for foreign-educated doctors to be a blessing, some doctors may consider it a “step down” or a “loss of prestige”. In an article by The Atlantic where these foreign doctors-turned-nurses where interviewed, they state that those feeling don’t last. “What we’re hearing from them is that they actually really, really enjoy the role of nurse practitioner in the United States, because it’s more like the way they practiced in their home countries”. 1
Medical professionals have a desire to help others, and that is not something that disappears overnight. In fact, a move to a new country may even increase that desire. A return to what you know, love, and understand is often the best cure for any culture shock and continuing with your life’s purpose is the best way to satisfy that desire.

Why Choose FVI School of Nursing?

FVI has assisted many foreign-educated medical professionals as they begin a new career in the United States, using their previous medical knowledge to further education and leverage job opportunities. It’s the best way for foreign-educated medical doctors to secure a medical career in the US. Applicants can enroll for the nursing program and obtain an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing in as little as 12 months. (Provided you have the transfer credits).
Applicants can complete the required training program in the minimum amount of time and start a gratifying career. Upon completion, graduates will receive an Associates of Science degree in Nursing and are ready to start their career and, ultimately, their new life in the United States.
Learn more about our nursing program for foreign-educated doctors: (786) 574-3350.


[1]: The Atlantic – How Immigrant Doctors Became America’s Next Generation of Nurses