Clinical Experience & Clinical Rotations for Nursing Students

At our accredited nursing school in Florida, we believe allowing our students to practice their nursing skills and clinical judgement outside of the classroom is important. That’s why our RN accredited program provides opportunities for students to gain clinical experience and perform clinical rotations as they work towards their Associate Degree in Nursing. The curriculum of our innovative RN courses includes classroom, lab simulation and hands-on clinical training.

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Clinical Experience

At FVI School of Nursing, students are first taught nursing skills and clinical judgement in a controlled environment using high-fidelity mannequins. Through these nursing simulation labs, students build confidence by practicing routine procedures and simulating crisis situations.

In our RN accredited program, we offer nursing students two types of labs:

  • Nursing Skills Lab is offered when students are taking Nursing Concepts 1 in conjunction with clinical rotation experience. We also provide “OPEN SKILLS LAB” where students can practice nursing skills with assistance from faculty other than their scheduled nursing lab class.
  • Simulation Lab Class is part of Nursing Concepts 2, 3, and 4, together with clinical rotation. The simulation lab uses medium and high-fidelity mannequins and scenarios of common cases encountered in the health care setting.

Nursing simulation labs are important because they bridge the gap between in-classroom coursework and clinicals. Students gain valuable hands-on experience in providing bedside care and handling crisis scenarios without the pressure of caring for real-world patients.

Clinical Rotations

During the last years of the RN accredited program, students get to practice the nursing skills they’ve learned in the classroom and labs in a real-world setting. Clinical experience is provided through direct care and interaction with patients in a clinical setting.

To provide students with the chance to perform clinical rotations, FVI School of Nursing partners with local hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. Our faculty and team of success coaches will work with you to schedule clinicals related to the specialty you plan on pursuing.

Clinical Rotation is done when students are enrolled in Nursing Concepts 1- 4. Students and their clinical instructors go to hospitals, nursing homes, rehab facilities and other community health care facilities to learn hands on nursing skills. Students are given the opportunity to perform clinical rotations in a range of different nursing care fields including:

  • Psychiatric
  • Pediatric
  • Maternity
  • Geriatric
  • Acute Care
  • Intensive Care
  • Long-term care

Why Is Clinical Experience Important in Nursing?

The importance of clinical experience for nursing students cannot be stressed enough. While coursework and classroom learning are valuable, the experience students gain during simulation labs and clinicals is crucial for real-world applications. After completing the RN accredited program and the required clinical hours, nursing graduates will demonstrate knowledge, skills, and competencies to:

  • Provide safe and effective care of the client
  • Apply knowledge to identify and prevent client health problems and achieve optimal health
  • Provide emotional, mental, and social support of the client
  • Provide basic care and comfort to the client
  • Manage pharmacological and parenteral therapies prescribed to the client
  • Reduce likelihood of the development of complications related to illness, injury, disease, treatments, or procedures
  • Manage clients with acute, chronic, or life-threatening physical health condition

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